I’m a trilingual Canadian whose daring escapades are known in three continents and four countries. Living around the world has made me very open-minded of the people in it. I’m a great listener as long as whatever I’m listening to isn’t heavy metal blasted at 95 dBA. I know the topography of every storm drain within a three mile radius from my house.

I like snow and PCs. I despise hypocrites and tailgaters. I’m scared of malaria and high places.

My greatest passion has always been about finding one. I’ve probably been a member of every club/sport under the sun in my quest to find something that I could call my own.

I believe that running is the world’s most effective method of self inflicted torture. Running until you have nothing left, running till it’s all gone, and then running some more, if you’re not face down on the ground unable to move after a race, you’re doing something wrong.  Just your legs and the ground, locked in a never ending struggle to push away the other.

In my free time, I like to write code, tinker with technology and stumble upon adventures.


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